In Cenderawasih Bay, in West Papua, Indonesia, fishermen set out for days on hand-made floating platforms called bagans. At night, they turn on lights to attract squid and baitfish, and lower nets from their bagans—also attracting whale sharks to the smell and commotion. Bagan fishermen have long believed that whale sharks bring good luck and feed them bits of baitfish. Today, the luck comes to them in the form of

Government Spends Rp700 Billion for Merauke Port

The government will provide Rp700 billion for the construction of the Samudera Fishing Port (PPS) in Merauke, Papua. The development of PPS is needed because without the supporting facilities, the natural potential in fishery can not be managed optimally. “Rp700 billion from the government for the construction of PPS, but for the initial phase will be disbursed Rp200 billion funds,” said President Joko Widodo, on the sidelines of a visit

GMKI Holds Muskom Ottow Wospakrik Born Papuan Leaders

The Christian Student Movement of Indonesia again held Musovasi Komisariat (Muskom) Ottow Wospakrik at Prot Numbay School of Economics (STIE) in Entrop City of Jayappura. On the occasion, GMK Chairman Jayapura, Jhon Y. Betaubun, SH, MH., Said that learning to become a GMKI is not only learning to organize, but also learning how to be a good leader. “Obviously many of our manfaaat can be, but all through the learning