Local Government in Papua is Asked to Form Multisektor Team Overcome Malnutrition

Health observers in the Meepago region, Kristianus Tebai, SKM, M. Kes asked the local government in Papua to immediately form a team that will be able to break the chain of malnutrition and measles in Papua. It was submitted to suarapapua.com when interviewed at his residence not long ago in Nabire, Papua. Tebai said malnutrition and measles are not a newly emerging disease in Papua, but the disease has been

Saving Papuan Children

By: Neles Tebay, Lecturer of STF Fajar Timur, Abepura Measles and malnutrition attack Papuan children in Asmat District, Papua. It causes as many as 70 children of Asmat have died and about 15 thousand citizens of Asmat is suffering from malnutrition. In addition to addressing this health case, it is necessary to consider a long-term solution that can save Papuan children from various life-threatening diseases. The deaths of Papuan children

KIBAR Receive 1000 Scout Uniforms From Telkom For Asmat Students

Based on Press Release of NGO KIBAR received by Teropong News. today (7/2) at 14:30 WIB, NGO KIBAR has received again the help of 1000 pairs of new scout clothes from PT. Telkom. This assistance is for school students in the Asmat district of Papua Province. To ease the burden on parents and motivate the Asmat Papuan schoolchildren, together with the Dharma Pertiwi organization, the KIBAR NGO raised aid in