Papuans Asked to be Bewared of Diphtheria

The head of the Papua Health Office, Aloysius Giyai, urged all residents to anticipate diphtheria by coming to the clinic and other health services. Aloysius in Jayapura, Thursday (1/3/2018) suggested people in Papua should anticipate this by preserving the sanitation of the environment around his residence. Aloysius, who is currently the Managing Director of the Regional General Hospital (RSUD) said that the symptoms of diphtheria are not much different from

Trans-Papua Road Cracked by Earthquake Length 1.2 Km

  Most roads in the Trans Papua Digul-Waropko segment-Iwur suffered cracks after the earthquake measuring 7.6 magnitude rocked Papua New Guinea on Monday (26/2) then. Head of the National Road Implementation Center (BBPJN) X Papua and West Papua, Osman Marbun said the length of the cracked road has been recorded about 1.2 km. Osman explained, some of the roads that have cracked did not cause the interruption of land transportation

Turn on the Papuan Industry Needs Electricity Minimum 1,000 MW

Chairman of the Central Board of Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (BPP Hipmi), Bahlil Lahadalia, said that the industrial sector in Papua has not grown due to insufficient supply of electrical energy. Let alone for the industry, household electricity alone is often problematic. Calculations, at least Papua and West Papua get an additional 1,000 MW. “Never will the industry in Papua flourish as long as the electricity does not exist,” said