What You Need to Know About West Papuan Kangaroos

Jayapura – West Papua has kangaroos. Similar to Australia, but different in size and life. Let us know more closely about the West Papuan kangaroo. “In Macropodidae, there was several types in it. That has been recorded up to now, about 14 types of kangaroos in West Papua. Spread from the lowlands to the highlands,” said Hendra Kurniawan Maury, M.Si, a wildlife researcher from Cendrawasih University in Jayapura. Monday (10/15/2018).

28,986 People in Asmat are Given Healthy Indonesia Card

A total of 28,986 people in the Asmat Regency, Papua Province, Indonesia, received a Healthy Indonesia Card (KIS), Wednesday (10/10/2018). The handover of thousands of KIS was symbolically given by the Deputy Directors of the Papua and West Papua Regional Health BPJS Dr. Anman Huda, to community representatives. Accompanied by Asmat Regent Elisa Kambu. According to Dr. Anman Huda, Asmat Regency is the 16th district of 29 regencies in Papua

To Pursue Regional Income, Goods and Services Companies are Asked to Open Branches in West Papua

The Papua Provincial Government is asking for goods and services companies that have been procuring goods and services in Papua to open branches in Indonesia’s easternmost province. Head of the Papua Regional Development Planning Agency, Muhammad Musa’ad said that the presence of branch offices in Papua Province needed to be done because it could provide income for the region, especially labor and taxes. “If the potential is good enough, I