West Papuan Gapensi Invites Local Contractors to Increase Competence

The Regional Governing Body of the Indonesian National Construction Executing Association (Gapensi) of the Province of Papua (West Papua) in 2018-2023 invited local contractors to improve their competencies in order to compete in obtaining projects, especially from the government. Chairman of the Papua Gapensi BPD Rudy Mauritz Waromi, in Jayapura on Sunday, explained that the capacity building was needed so that local contractors could get the trust of employers. “We

Nice! Vaccination of Rubella in West Papua Reaches 95 Percent

The use of measles / measles-rubella (MR) vaccine is increasingly massive. West Papua Province succeeded in achieving herd immunity or group immunity. Data from the Ministry of Health noted, as of September 26, 2018 at 18:00 WIB, West Papua became a province that not only had the highest MR immunization coverage, but also became the first province with coverage reaching 95 percent of targets. “The Ministry of Health gives high

Prone to Goods Smuggling on the RI-Papua New Guinea Border

Skouw – Two people were taken into the RI (the Republic of Indonesia) – PNG (Papua New Guinea) Border Security Task Force Post (Satgas Pamtas) from the 501st Kostrad Yonif Para Raider. They were found carrying three ties of raw vanilla as they crossed into Indonesian territory when examined at the Satgas Pamtas post. “Where do you from? Document? No? No document?” Ask the examiner. “No,” answered the two men