Pacific Region Countries Appreciate Indonesia's Steps to Build Papua and West Papua

A number of countries in the South Pacific region appreciate the Indonesian government’s continued efforts to develop and build Papua and West Papua. In a written statement received by Tribunnews, they support every effort made by the Indonesian government to make the people of Papua and West Papua prosperous. “We support every step taken by the Indonesian government to prosper the people in Papua and West Papua,” said Nauru President

Minister Puan Announces Inpres to Increase Acceleration of Welfare in Papua

Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (Menko PMK), Puan Maharani, held a meeting related to the handling of problems in Papua and West Papua. One is the handling of measles and malnutrition in Agats, Asmat District, Papua, which claimed dozens of deaths from children. Not only that, the welfare of the people of Papua and West Papua is also a serious concern of the Government. “I convey that President

Wiranto Visits Vanuatu Talking about West Papua

Responding to issues that had been discussed in major Pacific countries related to Papua, especially Vanuatu, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto discussed the cooperation between Indonesia and Vanuatu related to the economy and capacity building among countries. He also explained to the Vanuatu, Indonesia is not possible to oppress the Papuan people. “Before leaving I got a message from the President to improve the cooperation that