West Papua Inflation ahead of Eid is Predicted to Be Insignificant

Bank Indonesia predicts inflation or the consumer price index that occurred in West Papua in May 2019 is not too significant. “West Papua has experienced deflation for three consecutive months from February to April. We think this will be for May,” said Bank Indonesia West Papua Province Representative Donny Heatubun in Manokwari, Tuesday. Efforts to maintain the stability of inflation that is taking place in West Papua in the first

Political Parties Appreciate Election Security in West Papua

A number of political parties appreciate the safety system carried out by the Indonesian National Police and the TNI in the simultaneous elections in 2019 in West Papua Province. The Head of the West Papua Province Perindo Party, Marinus Bonepai in Manokwari said on Tuesday that the Indonesian National Police, assisted by the TNI, had worked hard to guard this five-year democracy celebration. “It is evident from each stage of

Pertamina Maluku-Papua Holds a Sharing and Education Program during Ramadan

PT Pertamina Marketing Operation Region VIII Maluku-Papua held a sharing and education program during Ramadan 1440 Hijriyah in the working areas of Papua, West Papua, Maluku and North Maluku. Unit Manager of Communication, Relations and CSR MOR VIII PT Pertamina, Brasto Galih Nugroho in Sorong, said on Tuesday that in addition to establishing a fuel oil and LPG supervisory task force it also carried out two other programs namely Pertamina