Become Favorite Border Tourism Destination in Papua, Keerom Introduces Purple Petatas

The nature of Papua has never failed to entertain every pair of eyes that see it. Interestingly, it is not only destinations in the city center, such as Jayapura, but border areas such as Keerom Regency are no less interesting. Moreover, the infrastructure of the border area has now been repaired, so that the Croosborder Festival is often held. Furthermore, it is incomplete to come to the 2019 Keerom Crossborder Festival without

This Unique Banana is Found on Kapotar Island, Papua

Many unique banana trees are found on Kapotar Island, Nabire, Papua. Unlike most bananas, the Kapotar banana has a fruit handle facing up. The existence of these bananas is known to the Jayapura Archaeological Center team, which is conducting research on the Momorikotey Site, Kapotar Island. “Kapotar bananas are about 20-30 cm long with a diameter of 5-10 cm,” said Hari Suroto, Balar Jayapura archaeologist. “These bananas have thick skin, orange fruit

Mimika Regency Government Allocates Rp1.2 Billion to Support TMMD

The Mimika Regency Government, Papua Province has allocated a budget of Rp1.2 billion to support the 105th Army Manunggal Entrance Village (TMMD) activity to be held in Mandiri Jaya Village, Wania District, July 10 to August 8, 2019 . The officers Section Territories in 1710 Mimika District Military Command, Captain Inf Ahmad Zaini in Timika on Wednesday, said the budget support of Mimika regency is needed to support the program