Papua's Armed Criminal Group Acts as if Being a Victim, TNI: Coward! Do not Have Self-Esteem, Coarse to Find Attention

The Armed Criminal Group in Nduga District, (West) Papua, accused the TNI (Indonesian National Armed Forces) of carrying out attacks using combat helicopters and air bombing. TheĀ Armed Criminal Group said that the action was carried out by the TNI when it came to evacuate the bodies of bridge workers who were victims of the shootings.It was even mentioned that due to the attack by the TNI, a number of civilians

Wiranto Affirms Military and Police Do Not Violate Human Rights When Hunting Armed Criminal Group in West Papua

Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Wiranto, ensured that the Military and Police did not violate human rights when hunting the Armed Criminal Group which massacred construction workers in West Papua. He also said that the pursuit was an attempt to stop the human rights violations committed by the Armed Criminal Group to PT Istaka Karya workers in West Papua. “So we are not careless, not violating human

When President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) was sent to the Republic of Nauru some time ago, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto met with seven heads of state from the South Pacific. Wiranto also had a special dialogue with them, one of whom talked about West Papua.

From the conversation, Wiranto knew that the seven heads of state in the South Pacific had gotten a wrong picture about Papua and West Papua Provinces. In their view, Indonesia has abandoned West Papua. The economy of the people of West Papua in the view of the seven heads of state was also left behind because they were still wearing koteka and living in difficulties.

Wiranto also straightened their eyes. “I explained. It’s not like that. The development (West Papua) is good. Even what happened in West Papua is better than your country. I said that,” he said when Blakcom blasted Monday, December 7, 2018.

The retired Army who born in Yogyakarta on April 4, 1947, invited seven heads of state to Indonesia. They were given the opportunity to immediately see Papua and West Papu Provinces.

The view of the seven heads of state in the South Pacific after seeing Papua directly changed. They are amazed by the development in Papua and West Papua Provinces. “As soon as they visit West Papua, they are surprised. If so, i am cheated all this time. I obtain incorrect information. This (West Papua) is better than my country,” the Wiranto story mimicked the words of his colleagues from the South Pacific.

According to Wiranto, that’s how the government straightens out the incorrect opinion about West Papua. The government does not argue with words, but with facts, namely inviting them directly to visit West Papua.

“It’s called soft diplomacy. We explain, there’s no need. We hope that with the current sustainable development, now our non-convert brothers in West Papua will be converted,” he said.

Politicians who have felt these four governments feel that in the time of Joko Widodo (Jokowi)-Jusuf Kalla this development in West Papua has experienced tremendous acceleration. Even President Jokowi has recorded nine visits to West Papua. “There is the attention of President Jokowi to build Papua and West Papua Provinces,” Wiranto said.