PLN: Stocks of Electricity in Manokwari Will Be Abundant

Stocks of electricity in the area of ​​Manokwari Regency of West Papua Province will be abundant after the Steam Power Plant (PLTU) in the area operates. Widodo in Manokwari, Senior Manager of the Papua-West Papua Regional Electricity Company Limited, said on Tuesday that PLN would always support regional development in every field, including business and investment. Efforts to increase the electricity supply that have been carried out so far are

Indonesian Navy and Farmers in Sorong Harvest Corn

Commander of the Armada Command (Pangkoarmada) III TNI Rear Admiral I NG Ariawan and assisted farmers and the Sorong Regency Government harvested 2 hectares of corn located in Mariat District, Sorong, Tuesday. Pangkoarmada III said, this joint harvest is a manifestation of the synergy and unity of the TNI and the people in realizing the regional defense development program as one of the manifestations of the TNI’s duty in efforts

Pertamina Buys Airbus A400 to Transport Fuel to West Papua

PT Pertamina (Persero) through its subsidiary Pelita Air Service (PAS) plans to buy an Airbus A400 aircraft. The purpose of purchasing the aircraft is to run a cargo business. The Deputy of Financial Services, Survey Services, and Consultants of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Gatot Trihargo said, with the purchase of these aircraft it is expected that the distribution of one-price fuel (BBM) in West Papua can be smooth. Pertamina itself