Get to Know Western Province, Our Neighbor in South Papua Province

In this edition, I will uncover a little, peek, a province in Papua New Guinea, Western Province. Over land, the province is directly adjacent to Papua Province, Indonesia in the south, especially Merauke Regency, Bintang Mountains Regency, and Boven Digoel Regency. This province has its own characteristics, including its proximity to the Papua Province. Check out the full review. Western Province is the largest province in PNG. It is about

Dozens of Teachers and Paramedics in West Papua Arrested by Armed Criminal Groups

As many as 15 teachers and paramedics in Mapundema District, Nduga District, Papua Province, were held hostage by the Armed Criminal Group. They are detained and prohibited from carrying out their activities in the area. The Head of Public Relations of the Papua Regional Police, Senior Commissioner Ahmad Mustafa Kamal said the hostage taking was carried out by the Armed Criminal Group led by Egianus Kogeya who also claimed to

Governor of Madang, PNG to Papua Discussed Economic Cooperation

Governor Madang, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Peter Yama, visited the Papua Province to discuss the follow-up of economic cooperation with the Government of Indonesia, especially with the Papua Provincial Government, on Sunday afternoon. The arrival of Governor Madang and his entourage were welcomed by the Papua Provincial Governor, Lukas Enembe, along with the ranks of regional organization leaders (OPD) at the State Building, in Jayapura. Papua Provincial Governor Lukas Enembe,