Biak Numfor Regional Province Receives Special Autonomy Funds of Rp32 Billion

The Biak Numfor Regional Government, Papua, in 2019 received Rp. 32 billion from the Papua Special Autonomy (Otsus) fund distribution to finance priority programs in education and health. “The revenue of Special Automy Papua for Biak in 2018 amounts to Rp101 billion while in 2019 received a distribution of Rp32 billion, yes there is a decrease in distribution from the Papua Provincial Government to support the implementation of the Papua

Governor Dominggus Wants West Papua Social Assistance To Be Carried Out Synergistically

Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan wants social assistance in the regions to be carried out synergistically between provinces and districts / cities. “Social assistance must be carried out evenly in all districts / cities. Coordination must be carried out properly,” the Governor said in Manokwari on Tuesday. Dominggus said, local governments at each level each budgeted for social assistance programs.┬áHe did not want the aid program to be enjoyed

Jayawijaya Regency Intensively Promotes the 2019 Baliem Valley Cultural Festival

Jayawijaya Regency’s Culture and Tourism Agency (Papua) continues to intensely promote the 30th Baliem Valley Cultural Festival (FBLB) in 2019 “Preparations for the implementation of this FBLB are generally promoted first, and we continue to intensify our promotion,” Head of Jayawijaya Regency Culture and Tourism Office Alpius Wetipo said when he was confirmed from Jayapura on Tuesday. According to him, on July 20-22, 2019 his party had already promoted in