The First Kombay Sago Caterpillar Festival in West Papua

Merauke – The Kombay Customary Law Community, which has areas spread in Boven Regency, Digoel and Mappi, held the Sago Caterpillar Festival for the first time in West Papua on September 26-27 2018. “Sago caterpillar feast is actually a routine customary ritual carried out by the Kombay Customary Law Community. But this time they held this on a festival scale involving many indigenous people from various villages or clans,” said

MR Immunization Coverage in West Papua 95 Percent, Highest in Indonesia

Ministry of Health data based on reports from the regions noted that as of September 26, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. West Papua became the province that had the highest coverage of immunization measures for rubella (MR). In fact, West Papua is also the first province with MR immunization coverage reaching 95 percent of the target. Quoted from a press release from the Indonesian Ministry of Health that was received, Friday,