Australian Academic Allegedly Involved in the Upheaval of Papua

The chairman of the Army Retired Army (PPAD) Lieutenant General (Purn) Kiki Syahnakri suspects there is an Australian academic involvement named Damien Kingsbury in the turmoil that occurred in Papua. Kiki says Kingsbury is an Australian academic who is a pro-East Timorese pro-independence adviser now called Timor Leste. Damien also became the central figure of the liberation of East Timor from Indonesia. Kiki’s allegation of Kingsbury’s involvement in the Papua

Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing Concerned Attacks on Trans-Papuan Workers

A worker on Trans Papua Road, was found dead in the Mugi District area on Tuesday (12/12) after being intercepted and abducted by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB). Known worker named Yovicko Sondak or commonly called Vicko (34) who is a Habema-Kenyam Road Construction Worker as excavator operator in Mugi District, Nduga District, Papua Province. Meanwhile, another victim was Prada Didimus TNI-AD member from Personnel POP 1 in Mugi District

KSB's Victims of Removal in Nduga Successfully Evacuated

Jayapura, Two victims of an armed civilian (KSB) in Mugi district of Nduga district on Wednesday (13/12/17) afternoon were evacuated. Kapendam XVII / Cenderawasih, Kol. Inf. Muh. Aidi told the Pacific Post that the two victims on behalf of Prada Didimus and operator exavator Vicko Sondak were members of the PPJWM Satgas (Wamena-Mumugu Road Construction Works) POP 1 (Leaders of Implementing Organizations) in Mugi district of Nduga district. Kapendam said