Independent Energy PLTMH Terangi Pelosok Indonesia

The availability of electricity is still not evenly distributed throughout Indonesia, especially those located in remote areas in various provinces in Indonesia. The condition is worsened by the increasing demand for electricity in Indonesia as the population grows. Followed by fuel from natural resources (SDA) is increasingly thinning and can not be updated. To meet the need for electricity to all corners of Indonesia, the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo

Pamkab Bantul Learning E Planning to Papua

Bantul District, Yogyakarta studied to the Papua Provincial Government on how to build an e-planning system. This step is done by the Bantul government to strengthen the commitment to realize a more effective, participatory, transparent and accountable regional development planning system. During his visit, the Regional Secretary of Bantul Regency, Drs. H Riyantono, M.Si accompanied by related institutions such as Bappeda, Public Works Office, Kominfo Office, Hospital and Education Office,

Sons and Daughters of Papua and West Papua Free Pilot School

Education and Training Center (BP2) Banyuwangi pilots re-open the registration of free education candidates for pilot cadets for sons and daughters of Papua and West Papua. Pilot school scholarships for these cadets to fulfill the availability of professional pilots in eastern Indonesia. Head of BP2 Aviator Banyuwangi Afen Sena said, this scholarship provides opportunities of sons and daughters of Papua and West Papua to become a professional pilot through 2017