Recapitulation of Election Votes in West Papua is Complete

The plenary vote recapitulation of the general elections simultaneously¬†in 2019 in West Papua Province was completed after a tough time on Thursday. The plenary ended after a full debate related to the vote acquisition for the election of candidates for the House of Representatives (DPR) in West Papua in Maybrat Regency.¬†Determination was carried out when the debate was still ongoing. “Parties who do not accept our decision please litigate both

West Papua Will Bring the Results of the Recapitulation to Jakarta on Thursday

The West Papua Province General Election Commission (KPU) is optimistic that it can bring the results of simultaneous vote recapitulation in the area to Jakarta on Thursday (16/5). Head of KPU of West Papua Province, Amus Atkana in Manokwari, Tuesday, said that the plenary vote recapitulation in this area had completed 11 of the 13 districts / cities. The remaining two, namely Maybrat Regency and Fakfak. “KPU Maybrat has completed

KPU Papua Plans For an Extension of Voice Recapitulation

The Papua Provincial Election Commission (KPU) plans to ask for an extension of time to the center in connection with the completion of the vote recapitulation process to the specified limits in several districts in the local area. Papua KPU Supervisory Commissioner, Sandra Mambrasar, in Jayapura, Wednesday (15/5), said the article, for the deadline for the completion of the vote recapitulation was Sunday (12/5) but until now there were still