Wiranto Visits Vanuatu Talking about West Papua

Responding to issues that had been discussed in major Pacific countries related to Papua, especially Vanuatu, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto discussed the cooperation between Indonesia and Vanuatu related to the economy and capacity building among countries. He also explained to the Vanuatu, Indonesia is not possible to oppress the Papuan people. “Before leaving I got a message from the President to improve the cooperation that

UK Ambassador to Indonesia Moazzam Malik Visits Papua, West Papua

United Kingdom (UK) Ambassador to Indonesia Moazzam Malik plans to visit Papua and West Papua Provinces. “It’s great to be back to Papua and this is my third visit since I became Ambassador,” Moazzam said in a press release in Jayapura on Wednesday (11/15/2017). According to Moazzam, his objective in visiting Papua is to discuss on issues of mutual interest including climate change, education and development. “I am also very

Papuan women are expected to be able to fight in the political arena

Papuan women are expected to be able to fight in the political arena, especially the democracy party both elections in 2018 as well as 2019 legislative elections. “We are already committed through the program and activities of 2017 to galvanize the women to compete in the political arena of Papua,” said the head of the Papua Provincial Women’s Empowerment and Family Planning (BPPPA and KB) Anike Rawar Annike in Jayapura