Lewis Prai Wellip The HOAX newsmaker on his FB account about the killing in Papua

After Benny Wenda at the UN failed to completely reverse the facts about the actual conditions in the land of Papua with his petition clarified by Permanent Representative / Ambassador of Venezuela, Rafael Ramirez at United Nations Headquarters, New York United States, on September 28, 2017 at 9.46, refuted the media about the vicious efforts of ULMWP chairman Benny Wenda. “As Chairman of the UN Decolonization Special Committee (C-24), I

US ambassador visits Papua provinces

US Ambassador to Indonesia Robert O. Blake, Jr. highlighted growing cooperation between the US government and its counterparts in Indonesia, including local administrations and civil society organizations in Papua, during his trip to Papua and West Papua provinces on June 8-13.’€œThe US recognizes the territorial integrity of Indonesia within its present borders, including Papua. We also support a meaningful dialogue to resolve long-standing issues,’€ he said in a release made