Election Dispute Session, KPU is Voted Violating Special Autonomy Papua

The Papua Election Dispute Session continues to roll out in the State Administrative High Court (PT TUN) Makassar Jl AP Pettarani. Serial number 1 Lukas Enembe-Klemen Tinal as the plaintiff against the Papua Election Commission as the defendant who has passed the pair number 2 John Wempi Wetipo-Abel Melkias Suwae. In the fourth trial on Wednesday (21/3/2018) night, the plaintiff presented two witnesses, namely Papuan Legislative Council Boy Markus Nawir

Papua Election Commission Arrested for Passing Candidates Who Allegedly Have Fake Diploma

Papua 2018 Election Dispute between pair number 1 Lukas Enembe-Klemen Tinal as plaintiff against Papua Election Commission as defendant held at High Court of State Administration (PT TUN) Makassar, South Sulawesi, Tuesday (20/3/2018). In this case, the plaintiff who is a petahana partner is suing the Papua Election Commission who passed the pair number 2, John Wempi Wetipo-Abel Melkias Suwae. This petahana competitor is allegedly using a fake scholarship degree

Skanto, Keerom District, Become an Example of the Peaceful and Democratic Head Elections

For the peaceful and democratic election of regional heads in Papuan Police, Papuan Deputy Director of Police, AKBP Yamin Dian Priono accompanied by Head of Keerom Police Operation AKP Hardi representing Keerom Police Chief AKBP Muji Windi Harto and Binast Keerom Police AKP Mujiat conducted face-to-face with Skanto people and figures in the Skanto District Hall of Keerom District. Meanwhile, Wadir Binmas Papua Police mentioned as good citizens, are required