Mimika Regency Government Immediately Disbursed the 2019 Election Funds

The Mimika Regency Government (Pemkab), Papua, immediately disbursed the 2019 election fund because the signing of the regional grant agreement (NPHD) script will be carried out in the near future. The Head of the Mimika Marten Regency Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency (BPKAD) Tappi Mallisa in Timika said on Monday that the NPHD would be signed by the Mimika Regent Eltinus Omaleng and would later be given to the

Presidential Candidates' Debate and West Papuan Environmental Issues

The Indonesian Forum for the Environment (WALHI) urges the two presidential candidates to prioritize environmental issues and not corporate interests in the easternmost province in the debate on the second round of the presidential election later. Since the integration of West Papua into Indonesia, environmental problems have not been a concern of the government until now. In three phases, post-integration, reformation, until Special Autonomy, the problem of the bad environment

KPU Wondama Begins Sorting Election Logistics

The General Election Commission of Teluk Wondama Regency, West Papua, began sorting boxes and voting booths for the 2019 General Election. “Sorting to ensure the number of boxes and voting booths sent by the central KPU at the same time confirms the condition,” Gulf Wondama KPU Chairman Monika Elsy Sanoi said in Wasior on Tuesday. The sorting was witnessed by the Chairperson of the Election Supervisory Body, Menahen Sabarofek, and