Petition of Papua Merdeka In UN, Ambassador Triansyah Djani: Benny Wenda Is Lie.

The statement by one Papuan separatist figure, Benny Wenda, that his party has submitted a petition to the United Nations (UN) turned out not to match the actual facts. “Last year Benny Wenda once mentioned that he has submitted documents about Papua to the UN Secretary-General, but after being confirmed to the secretary general’s office was a lie,” said Dian Triansyah Djani Ambassador to the United Nations. In his written

The teacher at Dal Village self-help woke up three classrooms

The lack of teaching and learning facilities at elementary school (SD) in Dal Village, Dal District, Nduga District, Papua Province, made seven teachers participate in building three new classrooms using self-help funds. It is said Daly Gwijangge District Chief, the absence of APBD funds for the addition of classrooms, principals and teachers boards took the initiative to build the classroom. “We ask the Head of Education and Teaching Office of

The Synod of Church Session of GJRP XI Church will be opened on 3 October 2017

Participants of the Synod Session of the Reformed Church of Papua (GJRP) XI have arrived from various regions in Papua. The religious activities are planned to be held on 3 to 8 October 2017, at Klasis Langda, Jalan Seradala KM 4, Dekai, Yahukimo District, under the control of the UKAM Synod (Una, Kopkaka, Arimtab and Momuna). Presented by the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Barnabas Nabyal, participants who have been