This is the Budget Expenditure Performance in Papua in 2018

Regional Office of the Directorate General of Treasury of the Papua Province released a target and realization of the State Budget (APBN) and Regional Budget (APBD) in 2018. The Head of the Regional Office of the Directorate General of Treasury in Papua, Agung Yulianta, explained that the fiscal figures that are in the spirit of the APBN and APBD are expected to be an economic stimulus. It is said, the

Mimika Bawaslu Encourages Press Participation in Overseeing the Election Campaign

Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) of Mimika Regency, Papua Province invites press people to participate in overseeing the campaign period, especially through mass media. “The press has a very important role in the election, especially in relation to disseminating information and providing democracy education to the community in this case, helping to make the election successful,” said the Mimika Bawaslu Commissioner, also coordinating the legal, data and information division, Toni L

PLN Papua Prioritizes Electricity Distribution for UNBK

PLN’s Parent Unit (UIW) in Papua and West Papua prioritizes electricity distribution for schools that undergo the Computer-Based National Examination (UNBK).┬áPLN also prepares officers in the field to maintain the reliability of electricity. Jayapura PLN Customer Service Unit (UP3) Implementation Unit UIW Papua and West Papua Salmon Kareth, in Jayapura, Wednesday (3/27), said beforehand that they had carried out the troop title to see the readiness of officers.┬áThe National Electric