epic journey around island papua

BY NELLIE SETEPANOThey could not make it into the World’s Guinness Book of Records for circumnavigating an island, but they have set a world record for sailing in a traditional sailing canoe around the Island of Papua in one year and one month. Their estimate of eight months turned into one year. Thor Jensen from Denmark and his crew of two brothers, Sanakoli and Justin John, of Bedauna village on

West Papua also has a beautiful Meyah waterfall

\ Meyah Waterfall in Meyah District, Tambraw District, may make Raja Ambat not the only beautiful place to be found in West Papua Province, but unfortunately the beautiful charm of this waterfall has not been widely known to people outside this area so it requires adequate promotion. Sorong’s natural tour guide, Abner Onny, says the Meyah waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural tourist spots in Tambraw District, but