Caring for Education, Chelsea Islan Builds Library in Papua

Recently a beautiful artist Chelsea Islan visited Papua. This social activity is a collaborative action, where she met with local children and had time to build the library. “It’s the same collaboration. This is April, there is a Step of Love, so there are various NGOs that focus on channeling educational access to children,” said Chelsea Islan when met in Mampang, South Jakarta. “Yesterday I opened the library for children

Chelsea Islan Wants Education Equality in Papua

Chelsea Islan, one of the top young artists of today, tells her story when visiting Sapalek Village, Jayawijaya District, Papua. “When we come to Sapalek, they (the children) are waiting for us in front of Honai Learning Children, it can be seen from their faces are very happy,” said Chelsea Islan in a press conference #BeraniMimpi in Jakarta, Thursday (22/2). Chelsea itself became one of the brand ambassador in the

Chelsea Islan Stories Experience in Papua, It's Shocking

Chelsea Islan (22) has just returned from Papua Province in order to find out the interest of reading the children there. She was shocked during her stay in Indonesia’s easternmost country. Unexpectedly, the children there have a considerable reading interest. “Honestly, I was shocked because of their high reading interest. Unfortunately facilities such as book collections are not there or very minimal there,” said Chelsea Islan, Wednesday (21/2/2018). Such conditions