Bank Indonesia of Papua's Recommendations for Controlled Inflation

The Regional Economic and Financial Study (KEKR) of Papua Province was held in one of the Hotels in Jayapura, in March 2019. Produce several recommendations that can be a reference in Papua’s 2019 economic policy making, including steps taken in an effort to control inflation in the future. Joko Supratikto, Head of the Bank Indonesia Province of Papua, said that there are several steps that need to be taken by

Amapapare Port is the Largest Contributor to Exports in Papua

The Papua Provincial Central Statistics Agency (BPS) said Amapapare Port in Mimika Regency was the biggest contributor to exports in Papua Province in March 2019. Head of the Papua Provincial BPS Statistics Distribution Division Bambang Ponco Aji, in Jayapura on Tuesday said the largest export came from Amamapare Port is worth 171.46 million US dollars or 95.87 percent of Papua’s total exports. “Papua’s exports in March 2019 were recorded at

Because of Solar Lights, 86 Villages in West Papua are No Longer Dark

Developing infrastructure in eastern Indonesia is not as easy as in the western region, considering that the area is difficult to reach and other supporting infrastructure is still minimal, even fairly difficult. For example, in the supply of electricity for people in the 3T area (Left Behind, Frontier, and Outermost). West Papua’s┬álandscape has caused PLN’s electricity to not yet enter some of its areas, one of which is in Puncak