Dozens of PLTMG were Built in Papua and West Papua

The government this year will build dozens of gas engine power plants (PLTMG) in the Papua and West Papua provinces. Maluku-Papua Construction Regional Executive Vice President Robert Aprianto Purbba during the premiere of the PLTMG construction in Manokwari, Tuesday, said that the total capacity of the MHP will be realized in the two provinces in 2019 is around 257.6 mega watts (MW). The construction of MHP in these two provinces

OJK Calls that Bank Papua Does Performance Improvements

The Papua Financial Services Authority (OJK) calls the Management of PT. Papua Regional Development Bank (BPD) until the end of 2018 has succeeded in making significant improvements to the problem of non-performing loans (NPLs) that they have experienced since 2015. “Bank Papua’s net NPL in December 2018 position was 2.26 percent, then gross NPL of 7.35 percent. Actually the target of gross NPL was 5 percent, but the achievement was

Eradication of Corruption and Development of Papua

Efforts to eradicate corruption do not always run smoothly, there are obstacles. One of the events that came to the public was when two Corruption Eradication Commission investigators (KPK) were persecuted while checking indications of alleged corruption in a meeting between the Government of Papua Province and the Papuan DPRD. Reports from the Corruption Eradication Commission said the employee had a nose fracture, a facial tear and was seized. The