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Birds of Paradise from West Papua Indonesia

Cendrawasih bird is worthy dubbed as Bird of Paradise (Bird of Paradise). Birds of Paradise are birds typical of Papua, especially the male, has beautiful feathers like an angel who descended from heaven (heaven). The beauty of Cendrawasih feathers is second to none. Birds of Paradise are a collection of bird species that are grouped in the family Paradisaeidae. Birds that only exist in eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and

Contingent Pesparawi Nabire parade around the city

The contingent of the Church Choir (Pesparawi) XII, Nabire District, arrives at the airport and parades around the city with the community. The parade finished at the office of the Bupati of Nabire. Chairman of the contingent, Yufenia Mote, said grateful for having followed the activities from beginning to end, then came home safely and managed to achieve. “Thank you for improving the achievements of the team, the enthusiasm of

West Papua also has a beautiful Meyah waterfall

\ Meyah Waterfall in Meyah District, Tambraw District, may make Raja Ambat not the only beautiful place to be found in West Papua Province, but unfortunately the beautiful charm of this waterfall has not been widely known to people outside this area so it requires adequate promotion. Sorong’s natural tour guide, Abner Onny, says the Meyah waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural tourist spots in Tambraw District, but