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Cooperate with Indonesia Mengajar, Wanadri Hold Expedition in Papua

Organization of Woods and Mountain climbers, Wanadri is preparing to hold an event titled Festival Puncak Papua (FPP) 2018. Activities planned to take place in about April to May 2018 will carry a number of major events. The festival held in Bintang Regency, Papua region will begin with art and cultural performances to climbing expedition Peak Mandala (4760 mdpl) and Peak Yamin (4500 mdpl). “As an implementation of the theme

Maintaining Seaweed, Village Must Establish Pokmaswas

In order to maintain seawater in customary law areas or government boundaries in each village, it is necessary to establish a Community Monitoring Group (POKMASWAS) in each village, where the task of Pokmaswas members is not only to guard the boundaries of the sea but also to maintain the cleanliness of the sea or coastal environment. And to every Pokmaswas in Nabire Regency is also asked to supervise every fisherman

Ugimba, The Last Charming Village Before Reaching the Peak of Carstensz

Some time ago crowded in social media about the post of a travel journalist who told the flashback of his journey to Carstenz. However, this village turned out to be a new tourist destination close to Puncak Carstensz. In his instastory upload, the journalist recounts his experience while in the village terujung before ascent. That said, the only snowy place in Indonesia. Papua Land have many interesting tourist destinations. One