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Raja Ampat Proposes the Community-Based National Park

Raja Ampat Regency of West Papua Province proposes the construction of a national park that can be utilized for community-based tourism development in local districts, said Chairman of the Indigenous Tribe Council of Raja Ampat Kristian Thebu. “Two recommendations include the conversion of the area to support indigenous community-based sustainable development and the proposal of the National Park to be used for community-based tourism development,” he said in Sorong on

Raja Ampat Realizes Sustainable Development

Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Province is committed to achieving sustainable development to protect the biodiversity of the area. As a first step towards realizing a sustainable development commitment a workshop entitled the realization of sustainable development of Raja Ampat district by the local government, the West Papua Center for Natural Resources Conservation (BBKSDA), and Fauna Flora International Indonesia Program on 5-6 March 2019. DPR Otsus Faction Members of West

Tambrauw, A Hidden Paradise in the West Papua Region

West Papua is one of the regions in Eastern Indonesia that is still very natural. Many natural conditions that have not been touched by tourists. Besides the area is very far from the capital city, but also the costs are very expensive to visit the region. But what’s wrong with occasionally enjoying the natural atmosphere in the Papua region, one of which is West Papua. The cool natural atmosphere of the countryside is