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Residents of Malumkarta Freed 1,292 Turtle Hatchlings to the Sea

Great Malumkarta Nature Conservation Group, Sorong Regency, West Papua Province, released 1,292 hatchlings or baby turtles into the sea as an effort to preserve animals. The head of the Malumkarta Raya Nature Conservation Group in Sorong Regency, Robert Kalami in Sorong, said Thursday that 1,292 hatchlings were released into the sea from February to May 2019. The turtles released into the sea by the Malumkarta community, said Robert, were only

Five Destinations are Called as Fish Paradise in Raja Ampat

Traveling on Waigeo Island in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Province, is incomplete if you do not visit the five snorkeling destinations known as fish paradise. The five most beautiful snorkeling destinations on Waigeo are Arborek Village, Sawinggrai Regency, Sawendarek Village, Yenbuba Village, and Priwn Wol. The five destinations are called fish paradise because without having to dive into the ocean floor tourists can see various types of reef fish and even white

Wayag Raja Ampat is Tracking Destination for Nature Lovers

The name of Wayag is certainly no stranger to nature lovers who have traveled in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Province. Wayag is one of the most popular tourist destinations for nature lovers, especially for climbers and rock climbing sport lovers because reaching the top of Wayag requires a tracking struggle with challenging terrain. In the Wayag area there are two peaks which have been the destinations of nature lovers.