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This Unique Banana is Found on Kapotar Island, Papua

Many unique banana trees are found on Kapotar Island, Nabire, Papua.¬†Unlike most bananas, the Kapotar banana has a fruit handle facing up. The existence of these bananas is known to the Jayapura Archaeological Center team, which is conducting research on the Momorikotey Site, Kapotar Island.¬†“Kapotar bananas are about 20-30 cm long with a diameter of 5-10 cm,” said Hari Suroto, Balar Jayapura archaeologist. “These bananas have thick skin, orange fruit

Instagramable Spot in Raja Ampat with Extraordinary Beauty

Raja Ampat does save many wonders and beauty. It’s a shame if we miss. So prepare our camera to capture the beautiful moments in Raja Ampat. Enchantment of Raja Ampat invariably invites admiration for anyone who visits the West Papua region. Besides being famous for its still beautiful nature, Raja Ampat is also known as instagramable spots that also attract millennial tourists. Well, here are some of the Enchanted Spot

Enjoy Sontiri Hill, Savana from Tambrauw, West Papua

Thousands of spiders become early morning views of a hill called Sontiri in Kebar District, Tambrauw, West Papua. The green grass that stretched across the acres turned white covered in spiderwebs. Many legged insects fill the hill every morning until sunrise. The sun appears behind the mountain ranges. The light swept the hilly red that glimpsed like savanna in Switzerland. Every morning, the hill seems to promise total peace. Along