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Seeing the Remnants of Armaments to the Culture of Tablanusu Village in West Papua

There will be no end to exploring West Papua tourism. Every inch of land has a unique nature and culture, as well as Tablanusu Village with its superiority, namely historical, religious, and adventure tourism. Assistant Deputy for Marketing Development I Regional III Ministry of Tourism, Muh. Ricky Fauziyani said tourists could explore Tablanusu Village through the Crossborder Skouw Festival. “We recommend that you come to Tablanusu Village during the Crossborder

Feel the Independence Present in the Baliem Valley

The Baliem Valley in Papua is one of the exotic destinations which is quite remote. Although remote, Indonesian independence is still present in Baliem. While friends and family are absorbed in various 17-race competitions in their home environment, I am busy working with thousands of tourists to take the best photos in the Baliem Valley. Apart from 2,000 km more than the hubbub of areca climbing, sack racing is also a

The West Papuans are Grateful for the Noken and Lorenz Park Being World Heritage

West Papuan figure, Titus Pekey claim that the community in West Papua is grateful to be part of UNESCO since a noken and Lorenz Nature Park are recognized as a World Heritage. “Lorenz Park or Nemangkawi Peak is recognized as one of the world heritages in 1999 and the cultural heritage of the Noken bag of knitted or woven handicrafts of the Papuan community is recognized on December 4, 2012,”