Freeport Indonesia Estimates that the Potential of Mines in West Papua Can Exceed in 2041

PT Freeport Indonesia estimates that the potential of mining reserves and resources in West Papua can still be mined beyond 2041. “These are temporary estimates. We estimate that there are reserves that can be mined by tens of years. If there are More resources that can be used as reserves can be added again. But basically the reserves and resources that are there can be mined beyond 2041, “PT Freeport

IDX Jayapura: 70 Percent of New Investors from Millennials

The management of the Indonesian Stock Exchange Office (IDX) of the Jayapura Representative said about 70 percent of new investors who started investing in 2018 were the young generation which is now referred to as the millennial generation. “If we see the majority of the current trend towards the millennial generation with a span of 20-40 years, around 70 percent of investors in West Papua are at that age,” said

Antam Continues to Find Partners for Smelters in West Papua

PT Aneka Tambang Tbk or Antam failed to attract partners to build a refining and processing plant (smelter) on Gag Island, Raja Ampat, West Papua. Antam previously organized a beauty contest or selection to attract partners. However, said Antam President Director Arie Prabowo Ariotedjo, the two prospective partners who participated in the selection could not meet the existing requirements. “Unfortunately there is no meeting point between the two candidates so