Lift culinary Papua, Pertamina cooking race title

Lifting of candle and yellow tail fish as a culinary icon of Papua is one of PT Pertamina’s efforts to introduce two of Papua’s special food to the community. Located in the yard of the governor’s office of Papua province on Saturday (14/10/2017), PT Pertamina MOR VIII Maluku Papua, held a Cooking Competition Bright Gas, a cooking competition typical of Papua food by using Bright Gas. In addition to campaigning

US ambassador visits Papua provinces

US Ambassador to Indonesia Robert O. Blake, Jr. highlighted growing cooperation between the US government and its counterparts in Indonesia, including local administrations and civil society organizations in Papua, during his trip to Papua and West Papua provinces on June 8-13.’€œThe US recognizes the territorial integrity of Indonesia within its present borders, including Papua. We also support a meaningful dialogue to resolve long-standing issues,’€ he said in a release made

Jayawijaya regency government open four points of fuel sales

Fuel sales of Rp18 thousand per liter will be done after hours of operation of three premium agents and diesel oil (APMS) in Jayawijaya closed. Wamena (Antara Papua) – The Government of Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province has opened four new points as a place to sell fuel oil (BBM) in order to suppress the rise in gasoline prices at retailers level up to Rp50 thousand per liter. Vice Regent John