The Provincial Government is Assisting 80 billion in the Development of the Manokwari Airport

  The West Papua Provincial Government in 2018 helped the development of Rendani Manokwari Airport worth Rp. 80 billion. Head of West Papua Transportation Agency Agustinus Kadakolo in Manokwari, Wednesday, said that the funds disbursed through the APBD were used to build cover boxes, installation of piles and rafling of runways or airport runways. He explained, Rendani Manokwari Airport will be extended as far as 300 meters. The project launched

The Office of Industry and Trade of West Papua Province Held A Cheap Market

  The Office of Industry and Trade of West Papua Province held a cheap market to keep inflation in the area stable. The Governor’s Expert Staff for Development Economics, Niko Tike at the opening of the activity said that food commodity prices were always increasing ahead of religious holidays. The government does not want the public, especially those with low income, to have a large impact due to the increase.

Merauke Must Have a Rice Surplus and Export to PNG

The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, said that he had received a report from the Governor of Papua Province of Indonesia, Lukas Enembe, if some time ago Merauke District sent 50 tons of rice to the State of Papua New Guinea (PNG). “I hope that the increase in rice production will continue to be boosted every year so that it can be surplus and exported to PNG,”