Biak Receives Rp180 Billion Special Allocation Fund from Central Government

The government of Biak Numfor District, Papua, receives a special allocation fund (DAK) from the central government of Rp180 billion in 2018. “DAK 2018 for Biak Numfor will be used to finance the physical and non-physical work programs in various regional apparatus organizations,” said the task of Biak Regent Herry Ario Naap contacted in Biak, Sunday (28/1/2018) He acknowledged to accelerate the uptake of DAK 2018 budget the Biak Numfor

It is Hard to Relocate Asmat People, What Is The Obstacle?

Living in the hinterland, Asmat people are very difficult to get adequate health facilities. It causing residents in the hinterlands are vulnerable to various disease outbreaks. In this regard, the Regent of Asmat, Elisa Kambu said, is not an easy thing, to fulfill President Joko Widodo’s proposal to move the inland population to a more livable area. This is because the location of the inland residents in Asmat is very

Government Reviews of Distant Settlement Patterns in Papua

Minister of Social Affairs, Idrus Marham, said, the government is making an integrated and comprehensive concept to solve the problems in Papua, including malnutrition in Asmat District. One of the things to consider is to review the pattern of community settlements in Papua. According to Idrus, the idea to create a closer settlement pattern emerged. “The intended relocation is to collect houses that have been spread,” Idrus said in Jakarta,