Government Reviews of Distant Settlement Patterns in Papua

Minister of Social Affairs, Idrus Marham, said, the government is making an integrated and comprehensive concept to solve the problems in Papua, including malnutrition in Asmat District. One of the things to consider is to review the pattern of community settlements in Papua. According to Idrus, the idea to create a closer settlement pattern emerged. “The intended relocation is to collect houses that have been spread,” Idrus said in Jakarta,

Regional Advisory Council of Indonesia Distributes Assistance for Asmat Tribe, Papua

The Extraordinary Incidence of Measles and Malnutrition that occurred in the District of Asmat, Papua became the concern of all the people of Indonesia. Seeing this, Regional Advisory Council of Indonesia (DPD RI) through Committee III in its supervisory function also channeled the assistance directly to victims of measles and malnutrition that currently struck Asmat District of Papua, Sunday (28/1). Attending the handover of social assistance and caring of love

Airnav Indonesia Educates the Papuan Youth to Become a Manpower of Navigation

AirNav Indonesia is intensively improving the facilities and quality of aviation services in Papua. In order to support that, AirNav requires additional human resources (HR) is reliable. One way AirNav Indonesia in fulfilling this human resources by educating the youth of Papua to be a reliable navigation power. This year becomes the 2nd year in the implementation of the local empowerment program. Director AirNav Indoensia, Novie Riyanto, said, with a