The West Papuan Leader Criticizes Governor Lukas for Asking Military-Police to Leave Nduga

The statement of the Papua Provincial Governor, Lukas Enembe, who requested that the Military-Police personnel be withdrawn from Nduga also be controversial. The West Papuan leader who is also a former Tolikara Regent, Jhon Tabo, strongly criticized Lukas’s statement. “When the Governor was sworn in by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, he had made the oaths and promises of state officials, namely we would be loyal to the

Moeldoko Criticizes the Governor of Papua Province: Military-Police in Nduga Precisely Give Security

Papua Provincial Governor, Lukas Enembe, asked President Jokowi to withdraw the Military-Police personnel in Nduga, West Papua, in connection with Christmas and New Year. Head of Presidential Staff Office Moeldoko dismissed the request. “The presence of the Military-Police actually provides a sense of comfort and security, so that people can run the Christmas service calmly, not to be reversed,” Moeldoko told AFP on Monday (12/24/2018). The man who is also

Police: Christmas Services in West Papua also Take Place Safely and Smoothly

The police said the implementation of the Holy Night service in several Churches in the Kenyam District, Nduga District, West Papua, was running safely and smoothly. The Military-Police team helped secure the way of worship in churches in Nduga. “The implementation of the holy night service was safe and smooth and security from the Military-Police team was carried out. The presence of Military-Police team in the security to ensure that