Governor Dominggus Wants West Papua Social Assistance To Be Carried Out Synergistically

Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan wants social assistance in the regions to be carried out synergistically between provinces and districts / cities. “Social assistance must be carried out evenly in all districts / cities. Coordination must be carried out properly,” the Governor said in Manokwari on Tuesday. Dominggus said, local governments at each level each budgeted for social assistance programs.┬áHe did not want the aid program to be enjoyed

The Asmat Regent Inaugurates the Church in Sauti Village

  Asmat Regent, Elisa Kambu inaugurated Catholic Church ST Ignatius Loyola, in Sauti Village, Sawa Erma District, Asmat Regency, Papua Province, Monday (07/29/2019). Present at the inauguration, Regional Secretary of Asmat Regency, Bartholomeus Bokoropces, Bishop of Agats Diocese Bishop Aloysius Murwito, Chief of Asmat Police AKBP Andi Yoseph Enoch, Liaison Officer Kodim 1707 / Merauke at Asmat Mayor Inf Komarudin, Sawa Erma Parish Priest Vince Cole MM, Chief BPKAD Asmat

The Church is Able to Support Development in West Papua

Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan called on church members to synergize with the lives of surrounding communities and local governments. Dominggus said, the church is also responsible for building the mentality and character of the people, with the aim of a more advanced and prosperous society. “At the age of 11 this year, the Immanuel Demini Ransiki Church congregation has shown many qualities in its ministry. The church, society