Lukas Wonda: Now We Know Papua is a Part of Indonesia

Puncak Jaya Pamrahwan Task Force personnel, Raider Mechanical Battalion 412 / Kostrad, provided briefings on nationalism at the Pos Sanoba emergency school in Jayapura. Dansatgas Yon 412 / Kostrad Yonif, Lt. Col. Inf Eko Bintara Saktiawan explained, concern for the future of Sonoba children, members of the MR 412 Yonif Task Force opened emergency schools at their Task Force Post “To develop a sense of love for the homeland, in

Spending Rp 1.8 Trillion, This is the Progress of Construction of the Holtekamp Bridge in Papua

Since it began on May 9, 2015, the construction of the Holtekamp Bridge in Jayapura City, Papua, is now close to 100 percent and scheduled for July 2019 to be inaugurated. The Head of the Papua XVIII National Road Development Center (BBPJN), Osman Marbun, in Jayapura City, Thursday (23/05/2019), said that the progress of the construction of the Holtekamp Bridge was to complete the construction of the approach road access

West Papua Inflation ahead of Eid is Predicted to Be Insignificant

Bank Indonesia predicts inflation or the consumer price index that occurred in West Papua in May 2019 is not too significant. “West Papua has experienced deflation for three consecutive months from February to April. We think this will be for May,” said Bank Indonesia West Papua Province Representative Donny Heatubun in Manokwari, Tuesday. Efforts to maintain the stability of inflation that is taking place in West Papua in the first