Separatism, Development and Embodiment of "Welfare State"

Until today separatism, which is a notion or movement to separate from the Indonesia, still sounds loud in West Papua. At present, West Papua consists of two provinces namely Papua and West Papua (formerly Irian and West Irian). The movement to establish their own country stems from the process of integration of West Irian as the territory of Indonesia. Most of these actions and actions do not gain attention from

History Proves West Papua Has Been Indonesia Since the Proclamation of Independence

Not many West Papuans know that when members of the Investigation Agency for the Indonesian Independence Preparatory Efforts (BPUPKI) convened on July 14, 1945, the founding fathers of the Indonesian state had determined that West Papua would also become an Indonesian territory which would declare its independence some time later. In the book Minutes of the Session of the Indonesian Institute of Indonesian Independence Preparatory Efforts (BPUPKI) issued by the

Academics: Papua Progresses If Its Leaders Fear God

Academician from Cenderawasih University Marinus Yaung believes that Papua will progress if it has a leader who is fearful of God, knows the rules and is free from interest. This statement was delivered by Marinus Yaung in a discussion held by the Alliance of Youth Students and People of Papua (Ampera) with the theme of ‘Transactional political politics and the future of the people of Papua’ at Grand Abe Hotel,