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Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Assume There's a Look for Attention to the West Papua Independence Petition at the UN

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs AM Fachir did not question the West Papua petition asking for a new independence referendum and submitted to the United Nations (UN). “That’s yes the work of certain people to get attention,” said Fachir, at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta, Thursday (28/09/2017) afternoon. Fachir said the West Papua issue has been resolved at the UN since 1969. In 1969, the Act of Free Choice was

Kemenlu: Separatist Group spread Hoaks Submit Petition to UN

The separatist group under the care of Benny Wenda says they have presented their petition to the United Nations (UN). They called for a vote to free West Papua. Contacted, Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir denied this. According to Arrmanatha, there is no agenda or discussion on the issue of Papua in the UN committee during the UN General Assembly session in New York. “Papua is an integral

Rumors about the Petition Referendum West Papua, PKS: That's a lie!

Jakarta – West Papua Liberation Movement activist Benny Wenda spread the issue of a secret petition that has been sent to the United Nations. The petition was rumored to contain the approval of the West Papua referendum. Benny Wenda is believed to be lying. “It was a false story, not much truth in the news,” Sukamta told reporters on Thursday (28/09/2017). According to members of Commission I of the PKS