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The Synod of Church Session of GJRP XI Church will be opened on 3 October 2017

Participants of the Synod Session of the Reformed Church of Papua (GJRP) XI have arrived from various regions in Papua. The religious activities are planned to be held on 3 to 8 October 2017, at Klasis Langda, Jalan Seradala KM 4, Dekai, Yahukimo District, under the control of the UKAM Synod (Una, Kopkaka, Arimtab and Momuna). Presented by the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Barnabas Nabyal, participants who have been

FRMJ rejected one member of Panwas Jayawijaya

Chairman of the Jayawijaya Community Reconciliation Forum (FRMJ), Laorenz Elosak, said firmly rejecting the results of the election committee members (Panwas) election Jayawijaya District, announced at the level of Papua Province, recently. He said the rejection followed the announcement of the names of members of Panwas from the selection committee (Pansel) Papua Province, which is much different from the results of district-level selection. “We reject the name of Ansar. Results

Bad Telecommunication Signal, Yahukimo Regency will be added BTS

The severity of cellular phone signals and internet access in Yahukimo District, Papua, is often complained of by the public. This makes the Regent of Yahukimo, Abock Busup, requesting the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo) through the Central Provision and Processing of Telecommunications and Informatics Financing (BP3TI) to be willing to add BTS (Base Transceiver Station) to Yahukimo District. Head of Yahukimo District Communication Agency, Yahik Suhuniap, said here