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Chief of Police: Security Conditions of Teluk Wondama are Conducive

The Head of Teluk Wondama Police, West Papua AKBP Murwoto stated that the security conditions in all of its regions since the vote until today are still quite conducive. The voting in all polling stations (TPS) runs smoothly and safely. The community was considered quite enthusiastic about channeling their rights. “Both the city and the archipelago all run unimpeded. The enthusiasm of the people is high enough until now voter participation

Head of Regional Police: Teluk Bintuni is Quite Conducive

The Teluk Bintuni police chief, AKBP Andriano Ananta, said the security situation in his area was quite conducive since the simultaneous voting to date. “In general, the Kamtibmas situation in Bintuni Bay Regency is quite conducive. Elections run safely and smoothly,” Andriano said when contacted from Manokwari on Tuesday. He said, the current district / sub-district level recapitulation process had reached more than 90 percent. Of the 24 districts, Bintuni is

KPU Calls Voter Participation in Manokwari is More Than 80 Percent

Manokwari Regency General Election Commission (KPU) of West Papua Province noted that voter participation in the simultaneous elections in the area was more than 80 percent. The head of the Manokwari KPU, Muin Salewe, said on Tuesday that based on data that had already entered the number of voters who channeled their voting rights in the simultaneous election had reached 115 thousand out of 144 878 voter data in this