Jayawijaya Regency Government Plans to Improve the Education and Training Center

Jayawijaya Regency Government, Papua, is scheduled to revamp the building or add to the dormitory room of the local Education and Training Center for state civil servants who want to take part in the training.

Jayawijaya Regent, Jhon Richard Banua in Wamena, the capital city of Jayawijaya Regency on Tuesday, said there was a need to revamp the facilities there.

“Hopefully by 2020 we will see adding one more room for male and female dormitories. There is only one room,” he added.

He said that the government would arrange the training center as well as possible so that later it could be used by neighboring districts that do not have training centers.

“Most training centers in the Mountains are in Jayawijaya, so surely they (the neighboring districts) will also use them and certainly provide PAD for us,” he said.

The Regent said that the improvement of the training center was very important to realize a reliable State civil servants in community services.

At the closing of PIM IV Training held on Tuesday, 40 participants were declared to have passed and were ready to occupy echelon III and IV positions.

“They participated in PIM IV to get positions that we will look forward to,” said the Regent.

Head of BKD Jayawijaya Hironimus Hubi added 5 people from 40 participants graduated with very satisfying predicates, 25 satisfying predicates, 9 people were satisfying and one person was delayed.

“So he was temporarily delayed, not not graduated. He had to complete the change project given for the past two months,” he continued.

Source: Antara

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