Governor Dominggus Wants West Papua Social Assistance To Be Carried Out Synergistically

Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan wants social assistance in the regions to be carried out synergistically between provinces and districts / cities.

“Social assistance must be carried out evenly in all districts / cities. Coordination must be carried out properly,” the Governor said in Manokwari on Tuesday.

Dominggus said, local governments at each level each budgeted for social assistance programs. He did not want the aid program to be enjoyed by only a few people.

“Once again, coordination must be done well and tiered. Do not let one person, the auxiliary center, the province help the district help, then the others cannot,” he said.

He believes, if coordination is carried out properly the social assistance program can be realized evenly from the city to the interior and the periphery.

The governor also stressed that the distribution of aid was carried out by referring to factual data. For this reason, he hopes, there is only one data center that is used so that there is no overlap between one another.

Dominggus also stressed that the community received 100 percent of government-issued assistance. He doesn’t want any games from ASN or related officials.

“I will check into the field, remember not to have the Kong Times in the disbursement of aid. Officials and staff do not ask for a share, if the value of the assistance is Rp1 million they must receive it,” he said.

On Monday (29/7) the governor handed over assistance in the form of a special motorbike to persons with disabilities in South Manokwari and Manokwari Districts carried out by the West Papua Social Service. He wanted similar assistance to be given in other areas.

“In Fakfak, Kaimana, Raja Ampat, Tambrauw, Maybrat must also still be in need. Likewise in other districts, it must be checked so that persons with disabilities there also benefit from provincial government assistance,” the governor said again.

Source: Antara

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