Government Connects 919 Km of Papua’s Border Road

Papua’s border road has become one of the infrastructures accelerated by President Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ). The development is now increasingly visible.

Jokowi stated, until the end of 2018 it had connected 919 kilometers (km) of border roads. The total length of the border road to be connected is 1,098 km.

“From the total border road of Merauke-Jayapura along 1,098 kilometers, by the end of 2018 919 kilometers have been connected. The challenge of road construction in Papua is not easy because of the limited natural conditions, weather and construction materials,” Jokowi quoted his Facebook page on Wednesday ( 7/31/2019).

In his Facebook account, Jokowi exhibited one of the border road segments in the Bintan Mountains, Papua. Jokowi uploaded a photo where a snaking road penetrated the forest and hills.

“This is a view of a border road section in the Bintan Mountains, Papua. Meliuk-liuk between the forest and the slopes of the mountain, this seven meter wide road is part of the 1,098 kilometer border road from Merauke to Jayapura, to Papua New Guinea. Beautiful, isn’t it?” Jokowi said.

Jokowi said, the road connects Limarum district with Oksibil City. While in another section, Jokowi explained that 111 kilometers of Sota-Erambu-Bupul had been paved. Likewise, the Bupul-Muting segment to Boven Digoel is 233 km long.

He said, the road provides many benefits for border communities. Because, they usually have to walk for weeks to the economic center. Now, using a vehicle can be in a matter of days and later in a matter of hours.

“The existence of roads, although still in the form of dirt roads, has provided tangible benefits to border communities in Papua. The distance between the economic centers of the region is taken weeks by foot, now in a matter of days after vehicles can be crossed. Even later, it is shorter hours,” he said.


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