Biak Numfor Regional Province Receives Special Autonomy Funds of Rp32 Billion

The Biak Numfor Regional Government, Papua, in 2019 received Rp. 32 billion from the Papua Special Autonomy (Otsus) fund distribution to finance priority programs in education and health.

“The revenue of Special Automy Papua for Biak in 2018 amounts to Rp101 billion while in 2019 received a distribution of Rp32 billion, yes there is a decrease in distribution from the Papua Provincial Government to support the implementation of the Papua PON 2020,” said Biak Regional Secretary Markus O.Mansnmbra in Biak Wednesday. .

He was admitted to the special autonomy fund utilization in 2019 should be adjusted to the needs in the area concerned so under consultation with the Head of Planning Agency in Jayapura Papua province.

Regional Secretary Markus hopes, even though there will be a decline in revenue from the distribution of Papuan Special Autonomy funds, the various programs that have been set up must be able to run in accordance with regional government planning.

“The hope of the Biak Numfor regency government with the Papua Special Autonomy funds received in 2019 can answer the needs of development programs for indigenous Papuans, especially the education and health sectors,” he hoped.

To the OPD leaders in the Biak Numfor Regency Government, according to the Secretary of Markus, who have made the program sourced from the Papua Special Autonomy Fund, it must continue in accordance with the technical guidelines so that it can run smoothly according to the annual program schedule of the regional government.

He hopes that the Papua Special Autonomy funding support for priority programs in the regions can touch the needs of indigenous Papuans in various villages.

“For detailed plans for the 2019 Papua Special Autonomy fund for Biak Numfor it has been prepared, so it will be harmonized with the Papua Provincial Government so that it can run on time,” said the former Biak Public Works Head.

Based on data in 2018 the allocation of the Papua Special Autonomy fund for Biak Numfor gets Rp101 billion with priority programs for education, health, basic infrastructure and economic empowerment of indigenous Papuans.

Source: Antara

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