Baliem Valley Festival Offers Papua’s Views from 2,400 masl

There is something new at the Baliem Valley Festival 2019. Besides presenting cultural attractions, this event also has paragliding rides. With this new attraction, tourists can enjoy the beauty of Papua from a height.

Minister of Tourism’s Special Staff for Media and Communication Don Kardono said, paragliding activity will bring tourists flying up to an altitude of 2,400 masl with a duration of 60 minutes. Tourists will get an experience that is hard to forget.

“The Baliem Valley Cultural Festival is not only a place to enjoy the exotic culture of Papua. But it also spurs adrenaline. Because tourists can feel the sensation of drifting and landing in the high mountain zone. The challenge is clearly different, especially regarding the wind. So, Paragliding must be tried when visiting The Baliem Valley Cultural Festival,” said Don Kardono in a written statement on Monday (7/22/2019).

The Baliem Valley Cultural Festival 2019 is held in the Welesi District, Jayawijaya, Papua on 7-11 August 2019. Geographically, this area is at an altitude of 2,000-2,500 masl. The Baliem Valley is surrounded by the famous Jayawijaya Mountains with a peak with eternal snow. There are Trikora Peak (4,750 AD), Mandala Peak (4,700 AD), and Yamin Peak (4,595 M).

“For this Baliem Valley Cultural Festival this year, something different is intentionally displayed. Paragliding will be a special attraction. Because, when floating, tourists can enjoy all the exotic nature there. This area is very beautiful. The air is also very fresh,” explained the Head of Tourism and The culture of Jayawijaya Regency Alpius Wetipo.

Welesi District has many hidden paradise. Call it Tirta Tourism and Welesi Waterfall Recreation Park. This area is very natural with clear and fresh water. Having a unique character, the waterfall has a height of about 4 meters. In addition to natural nuances, tourists can also enjoy Jayawijaya’s unique culinary delights. There are fish, corn, and sweet potatoes.

“Enjoying the Paragliding at the Baliem Valley Cultural Festival is of course different. The view is indeed beautiful. Anyone can enjoy this activity. For beginners it will also be supported by mentors who are ready to support,” explained Chair of the Esthy Reko Astuty Kemenek CoE.

Paragliding Tour offers a variety of attractive packages. There is a Tour Package of Rp 2.5 million. For the package, tourists can fly by themselves. However, if they want to fly single, they must have a license. Other packages are priced at IDR 1 Million. Especially for those packages, tourists can fly tandem accompanied by professional operators.

“The Baliem Valley Cultural Festival always offers a unique and interesting side. Flying Paragliding is certainly an extraordinary moment there. Moreover, the package and price are clear. Basically, there is no need to worry, because flying here is very safe. The equipment is good, especially the expert operators, “said Assistant III Deputy for Marketing Development I Regional III Kemenar Muh. Ricky Fauziyani.

Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya said the Baliem Valley

had a beautiful landscape for tourists. Then the imagined sensation above 2,400 masl can be a rare opportunity.

“Baliem Valley Cultural Festival 2019 is indeed extraordinary. There are always new things offered to visitors. Tourists will be more spoiled when flying floating in the Jayawijaya sky. And, this will be a rare moment. In addition to its attractions, accessibility and amenities are also good,” concluded Arief.


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