The Asmat Regent Inaugurates the Church in Sauti Village


Asmat Regent, Elisa Kambu inaugurated Catholic Church ST Ignatius Loyola, in Sauti Village, Sawa Erma District, Asmat Regency, Papua Province, Monday (07/29/2019).

Present at the inauguration, Regional Secretary of Asmat Regency, Bartholomeus Bokoropces, Bishop of Agats Diocese Bishop Aloysius Murwito, Chief of Asmat Police AKBP Andi Yoseph Enoch, Liaison Officer Kodim 1707 / Merauke at Asmat Mayor Inf Komarudin, Sawa Erma Parish Priest Vince Cole MM, Chief BPKAD Asmat Hallason Frans Sinurat, Head of Governance Division of Lambertus Lau, as well as community leaders and local residents.

In this momentum, the Asmat Regent stated that the unity and unity between the two formed the development and progress in the village.

“One of them is through the presence of the church that has been inaugurated,” he said.

He explained that the Catholic Church of ST Ignatius Loyola in Sauti Village was the most luxurious church in the Asmat Regency area.

By that, Elisa appealed to local residents so that besides taking care of him physically, it was also expected that the race participants would come to worship and pray and forgive him for other good things.

The regent gave an appreciation to all residents in Sawa Erma, who had presented the glory of the church.

This is a testament to the synergy between the community and the diocese, considering that the church is a partner of the government, because before the government moved to the ummah, the church put civilization first and carried out religious activities in the local area.

“We are committed to helping the church in carrying out all activities of any kind, even though the government still helps with all the limitations it has,” he said.

The number one person at the Asmat also appealed to local residents so that in addition to unity in establishing a house of worship, it also united to advance development in other sectors such as in the fields of education, health and others.

Meanwhile, Bishop Aloysius Murwito of the Agats diocese of Agats expressed his gratitude to all elements of the government and community leaders in presenting a house of worship.

According to him, people in the Sawa Erma District area have long longed for a strong and strong church presence in that place.

“Hopefully the Catholic Church of ST Ignatius Loyola, Sauti Village, Sawa Erma District can be used well and produce the fruits of kindness from the ummah,” he said.

Source: Antara

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