For the Sake of Papuan Children, the Army Soldier Will Take School

Task Force Border Safety (Pamtas) Indonesia-Papua New Guinea, 411 Raider Mechanical Battalion Divif 2 Kostrad, not only secure restrictions but also carried out activities like citizens in general. In fact, it always blends with the activities of the local community.

One of the activities carried out by the soldiers was to take and pick up children at school. This activity is carried out as a substitute for foster parents.

Residents felt greatly helped by the presence of warriors on the Indonesian border. They are grateful that the presence of members can lighten people’s activities.

“Thank God, our place was close to the 411 Raider Mechanic Battalion Task Force Divif 2 Kostrad. The soldiers were very much helping us,” explained Samuel, Chair of RT 02 Rawa Biru Village, Merauke Regency, Papua.

For the sake of Papuan Children, the Army Soldier Will Take School

Dansatgas Raider Mechanical Battalion 411 Divif 2 Kostrad, Major Inf. Rizky Aditya said, continuing the level of education to junior high school and high school for residents in Rawa Biru Village, is a must, so that they grow into a smart generation.

In the village, there are only elementary schools (SD) and if you want to continue your education to junior high and high school you have to go to Merauke, which is very far. However, these children must remain eager to get a decent education.

“Seeing this condition, finally the member of Pos Rawa Biru, Praka Nanang took the initiative to pick up the children as an effort to help the children to go to school in Rawa Biru Village, and ensure their safety by taking turns by the TNI members,” he said.

“The biological mother of the TNI is a people, seeing the difficulties of the people of the TNI will not remain silent. These activities are not included in the Perbatsan Task Force plan, but will continue to be carried out as long as the task force is still in Rawa Biru Village,” he said.

Source: Sindonews

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