The Ministry of Social Affairs Distribute Rp3.7 Billion for Victims of the Conflict in Nduga

The Ministry of Social Affairs has channeled aid worth Rp3.7 billion for conflict victims in Nduga Regency, Papua, in the form of logistics, clothing and other basic needs.

“Since the beginning the government has lowered aid. For the first phase of assistance, it has been distributed in January,” said Director General of Social Protection and Social Security of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Harry Wisdom, on Monday.

Assistance in the form of 50 tons of Government Rice Reserves (CBP) and other logistics. In the second stage, assistance in the form of school supplies, children’s play equipment, sports equipment and family equipment. Then the third phase of assistance is in the form of regular rice, supplementary food and logistics packages.

The assistance was symbolically handed over by the Director General of Harry Wisdom to the District Secretary of Nduga Namia Gwijangge witnessed by the District Military Commander 1702 / Jayawijaya Lieutenant Colonel Inf Chandra Dianto, Jayawijaya Regional Police Chief AKBP Tony Ananda and a number of other officials.

In addition to logistical assistance, the Ministry of Social Affairs’s Directorate of Social Protection Victims of Social Disasters (PSKBS) went down to conduct assessment together with the Provincial and District Health Office of Nduga through Psychosocial Support Services in February.

Harry further said that because people who need attention, the state must be present. Initially there were reports of 52,000 refugees who spread in a number of districts.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Nduga Regency Namia Gwijangge said that there were 39 thousand residents who had fled, including in Wamena, Kenyam, Timika, and also in the forests.

“I have ordered 39 of the thousand to be validly recorded, then we will complete the data so that the aid is truly channeled,” said Namia Gwijangge.

Armed contact between the Indonesian National Armed Forces police and the armed criminal group led by Egainus Kogoya in Yal District, Nduga Regency on February 26, 2019 caused residents in Mbal, Yal, Yigi, Mapenduma, Nikuri and Yalma Districts to flee.

Source: Antara

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