The Ministry of Social Affairs Ensures Assistance to Victims of Conflict in Nduga, Papua is Sent

The Ministry of Social Affairs has confirmed that all phase II assistance for conflict-affected refugees in Nduga Regency, Papua Province, has been completed this week.

Social Minister, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita said that he had received a report from the team of the Directorate of Social Protection for Social Disaster Victims who stated that all phase II assistance would be flown to Wamena district this week.

“The assurance of the delivery of aid was obtained after the PSKBS team coordinated with the security apparatus, the Papua Provincial Office and the Wamena District Social Affairs Office. Furthermore, the task of the Wamena District Service was to distribute it,” Agus said in a written statement on Monday, July 22, 2019.

He explained that the handling of refugees victims of conflict in Kabupaten Nduga must involve all elements of the central government, regional government and the TNI / Police. The government in dealing with these refugees is very careful because it is different from the handling of refugees victims of natural disasters.

Director General of Social Protection and Security of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Harry Hikmat, admitted that currently the government is experiencing difficulties in carrying out data collection on refugees due to conflict in Nduga district. The obstacle is because many of them are in their relatives’ homes.

“Many of them live in relatives’ homes in Wamena. This makes identification difficult,” Harry explained.

Harry added, based on reports given by the Jayawijaya Military District Military Command 170 that refugees in the district had returned to their families’ homes.

“From the report, it was also stated that there was no cessation of assistance to refugees in Lanijaya District. The Lanijaya Regency Government continued to channel logistical assistance to refugees there,” said Harry.

The Kodim report, said Harry, had answered the news which stated that the existence of refugees had died due to no handling from the government. For this reason, the government questioned the source of the news.

“The Wamena District Social Service stated that until now it had not received reports of deaths,” said Harry.

Harry asked the media and the public not to just believe in the news that there were refugees who died due to lack of assistance.

Assistance to refugees due to armed conflict in the Papua Province consists of two stages with a value of Rp. 740,449,000.

The first phase that has been distributed is in the form of 50 tons of Government Rice Reserves (CBP) consisting of 10 tons through Jayapura, 10 tons to Mbua district, Yal district, Mbulmu Yalma district and 30 tons through Wamena District. This assistance has been handed over to the Regional Government of Nduga Regency.

In addition, the regional government also distributes basic food assistance in the first stage to refugees. The food consisted of 1,680 instant noodles, 9,520 kg of sugar, 9,883 liters of cooking oil, 19,200 packs of salt, 9,550 canned fish, 9,550 packs of coffee and 50 kg of rice.

Harry added that phase II assistance consisted of playing equipment as many as 250 packages, 250 children’s learning equipment, 30 package sports equipment, and equipment for the needs of vulnerable groups (toddlers, the elderly, special needs) of 850 packages.

“All of the assistance is currently in the Social Service warehouse of the Papua Province and is ready to be flown to Wamena,” he added.

In addition to providing food aid and other needs, the Ministry of Social Affairs also provided psychosocial support services (LDP) in February.

The Ministry of Social Affairs has assessed the activities of psychosocial support services. The results of the assessment included, among other things, there were urgent needs other than basic needs. The need is health services, because many survivors suffered injuries from walking from Nduga Regency to Jayawijaya Regency.

Previously the conflict between the TNI National Police and the armed criminal group led by Egainus Kogoya in the Yal District of Nduga Regency, Papua occurred on February 26, 2019. As a result residents in Mbal, Yal, Yigi, Mapenduma, Nikuri and Yalma Districts were displaced. An estimated 2,000 people were displaced by the conflict.


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