The Coast and Inland of Wondama Immediately Enjoy Telecommunication Networks

People in coastal and inland areas in Teluk Wondama Regency, West Papua, will soon enjoy telecommunications networks.

Head of the Gulf Communication and Information Agency, Wondama, Rusman Tingginehe, in Wasior, said on Monday that the area was confirmed to have received assistance with the installation of 15 new tower base transceiver stations (BTS) this year.

The installation of a tower of assistance from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology will be placed in a number of villages on the coast and in the interior that have not been reached by cellular telephone networks.

“There were 9 districts that were targeted by the device to access the cellphone signal.
Namely Bay Duairi District 2 points, Rasiei District 1 point, Naikere District 3 points, Kuri District Wamesa 2 points, Windesi District 2 points, Wamesa District 2 points, Rumberpon 2 point District, Roon District 2 points,” said Rusman.

BTS tower installation The material for the BTS tower has arrived at Wasior, including technicians.

“There are already three points now being worked on, namely in Aisandami (Duairi Bay District), Sikama (Rasiei District) and Wombu (Naikere District). So there are still 12 more points that will follow which are targeted to be completed within 3 months,” Tingginehe explained.

He said, with the addition of 15 new BTS points, by 2020 most of the regions in Wondama would be able to access cellular telephone networks, including several villages classified as still isolated such as in the Naikere District area.

In addition to the importance of service in the field of communication for the community, according to Tingginehe, the placement of BTS is also carried out to support tourism development which is the leading sector of Wondama Bay Regency.

“This year we also built one BTS point in the Auri Islands which is a tourist location, which is on Abaruki Island. We deliberately put it there to support tourism development because the area is a potential tourist destination. Many people come there so there needs to be access to communication,” said the former Head of the Fisheries Service.

The Wondama District Government had previously received the assistance of dozens of BTS units that had been placed in the district capital as well as villages both within the city of Wasior and its surroundings, also on the coast and inland.

Regent Bernadus Imburi also targets all districts and villages in Wondama Bay to be able to access cellular networks no later than the end of 2020.

Source: Antara

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