Asmat Social Service Office Boost Three Central Priority Programs

The Social Service Office of Asmat Regency, Papua Province is committed to boosting three priority programs allocated by the central government to the Asmat community.

This was conveyed by the Head of Social Affairs Office of Asmat, Amir Makhmud in Agats, Tuesday (23/7).

Amir said the priority programs in question were remote indigenous communities (KAT), family hope programs (PKH) and welfare rice assistance (Rastra).

“KAT, PKH and Rastra are the priority programs of the Social Service Office. Therefore we are pushing for the implementation of these three programs to be realized properly,” Amir said.

He said the three main programs were fully supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs through three directorates general. The KAT program is handled by the Directorate General of Remote Indigenous Community Empowerment, PKH is handled by the Directorate General of Social Protection and Guarantees, and Literature by the Directorate General of the Poor.

The form of the implementation of the KAT program in Asmat in 2019 was in the form of the construction of 85 housing units scattered in the Kayrin Village, Safan District and Erosaman Village, Derkomur District.

“Residents of Kayrin get 40 housing units, while residents of Erosaman get 45 units,” he said.

In 2020, Asmat Social Service Office has planned the construction of KAT housing in Amakot Village, Korowai Buluanop District, Bubis Village, Suator District and Yerfun Village, Awyu District.

For PKH 2019, the Asmat Social Service has designated 2,955 beneficiary families. Hope family assistance prioritizes pregnant women, children aged 0-5 years, students (elementary, middle and high school), people with disabilities, and the elderly.

“For 2020, we have verified data on prospective beneficiaries. The number will increase compared to previous years,” he said.

Regarding rastra assistance, Amir said, the number of beneficiaries in Asmat in 2019 was 2,955 heads of families. Each family head receives ten kilograms of rice per month.

“For the 2019 Literature assistance we channel it in three stages. First in April, the second in August and the third stage is still verified by Asmat Social Service Office,” he said.

Source: Antara

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