Wondama Regency Government Reviews the Ship Procurement Plan

The Teluk Wondama Regency Government, West Papua, has begun to review the plan to procure passenger transport vessels which will be used to facilitate the flow of sea transportation in the area.

Regent of Teluk Wondama, Bernadus Imburi in Wasior, Friday, said the DPR’s proposal regarding the procurement of the vessel was considered. In addition to facilitating inter-island accessibility, the presence of these vessels is expected to boost regional original revenue (PAD).

The regent also ordered the Regional Secretary together with the Department of Transportation to study various aspects. The initial picture already exists, but still needs more mature consideration.

“The preliminary study carried out by our Transportation Agency should buy a ship of the class of Expess Bahari. The value of the ship subsidy fund is calculated for the year if we can buy the vessel, so I request this to be discussed specifically,” said the Regent.

The Regent stated that if this plan is realized, he wants the management to be handled by parties or institutions that have expertise in the shipping sector. Imburi does not want the fate of the ship to be the same as many speedboads owned by the regency government which are currently left neglected due to unclear maintenance.

“So it’s not a problem we can buy or not but maintenance that doesn’t work. So I agree to buy a boat, but it must be ensured that there are reliable technical personnel to manage it,” said the regent again.

Deputy Regent Paulus Indubri on the hardest occasion added, if indeed you have to buy your own boat, the management should not be handled by the Regency Government alone but must involve a third party.

“Because if we manage it the same, it’s useless. We already have a Regional Government Regulation. So it will be auctioned, please, which company wants to go there, please,” said Indubri.

Since 2015 the Wondama District Government has routinely allocated a budget in the regional budget for spending on subsidized KM. Marine. From 2018 to the present, the cost of subsidies prepared for speed boats owned by PT. Belibis Papua Mandiri reaches Rp. 8.4 billion.

Source: Antara

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