West Papua Regional Police Press Crime through Social Media

The West Papua Regional Police, General Criminal Investigation Directorate is building a social media network to suppress crime in the area.

Director of the West Papua Regional Police Reskrimum, Pol. Commissioner Robert Da Costa in Manokwari, Saturday (13/7) said that this was done along with the development of the use of social media by various groups of people.

In addition to the website, the Reskrimum Directorate also creates Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. The launch was held on July 1, 2019.

“We are launching right on the birthday of Bhayangkara on July 1, 2019. We deliberately took that momentum to create a new spirit of the West Papua Regional Police specifically in the ranks of the Ditreskrimum,” said Da Costa.

People can access the website page on the website www.ditkrimumpoldapapuabarat.com.

“The public can also directly access Facebook with their profile name Ditkrimum Polda West Papua. While the Instagram profile is ditkrimumpoldapapuabarat. And his twitter profile is Ditkrimumpoldapapuabarat,” he said.

The man from Kupang explained that the launch of the four social media was a follow-up to the Kapolri promoter program, namely media management.

In the past 5 years, the hegemony of social media is growing rapidly in West Papua. The presence of Ditkrimum in cyberspace to facilitate the public in conveying information.

“Just look, nowadays there is a widespread community or public group on Facebook and Instagram, which is thematic with kamtibmas. This shows that the use of social media has become a popular culture of netizens to exchange information about crime,” he said again.

Robert added, in the community in social media there was a lot of communication around crime in West Papua including districts / cities.

Through social media, netizens can exchange information about crime cases in their neighborhood. Not infrequently, they also neutralize the community or other neighboring groups.

“No wonder, a crime in a remote village can be viral in an instant throughout Indonesia,” explained Robert.

Source: Antara

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