Papua Asks to Be The Indonesia’s Entrance to Pacific Regions

Papua Provincial Governor, Lukas Enembe asks the government to make Papua Province the only door for Indonesia and the Pacific countries. He says the government must maximize the role of Papua to access the Pacific region.

“Indonesia really has to give Papua the opportunity to open up full access, custom access, access to migration, all must be given. Otherwise I do it directly. I have such a plan,” Lukas said on the sidelines of the Pacific Exposition 2019 at the SkyCity Convention Center. Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday (7/14/2019).

According to Lukas, the government has not involved Papua in the relations between Indonesia and the Pacific. He also gave an example of Australia exporting goods to the Pacific region.

In fact, Lukas said, Australia exported goods produced by Vietnam or Thailand. He said Indonesia could do the same thing by sending Papuan products.

“So an economic forum like this really benefits countries in the region. We have many products, so far Australia has dropped Pacific needs, actually it is shopping from Thailand or Vietnam. Why not directly from Papua, from Indonesia directly to the region The Pacific,” he said.

Lukas said, if the government ignores Papua, he plans to access the Pacific region itself. He said he would meet the Prime Minister (PM) of Papua New Guinea James Marape to discuss the Papua-Papua New Guinea cooperation.

“We Papua have declared Papua the only entrance to the ASEAN economic community for the Pacific region. Tomorrow I go to PNG to meet the prime minister to talk about this,” Lukas said.

In addition to the issue of cooperation with the Pacific region, Luke also criticized the government regarding transportation access from Papua to Pacific countries. Luke gave an example, there were no direct flights from Papua to Australia or New Zealand and vice versa.

“This is not the first time we talk to the president. This is the Jakarta government always slow, their work is slow and not serious. No need to talk politics anymore, people work like this can’t. Have asked how many times to open access either land, air, sea “Everything must be opened,” he said.

“We hope that with this activity sea, air and land access will have to open its doors from Papua. We do not need to go to New Zealand or Australia to Jakarta or Bali, far away. Enough from Timika or Jayapura directly,” added Lukas.


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