Pacific One Destination Concept, a New Breakthrough in Indonesian Tourism in the Pacific

Indonesia voices the concept of the Pacific One Destination which collaborates the power of tourism from each country. This collaboration is an effort to realize sustainable tourism within the Pacific region.

The Pacific Exposition is a trade, investment and tourism exhibition for countries in the Pacific initiated by Indonesia and fully supported by New Zealand and Australia.

Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya explained, the tourism sector can create new opportunities that can be worked together.

The concept was said by the Minister of Tourism to have been run by countries in other regions. They unite, collaborate, and make travel packages together.

Minister of Tourism gave an example of the European Union offering a single Visa. Then countries in Latin America, or countries in the Scandinavian region.

“So, ASEAN also needs to do it, develop joint destination product packages, joint promotions, both B to B, and G to G, between Southeast Asian countries, including to build ASEAN standards human resources,” Arief Yahya said, before Pacific countries delegations at the Pacific Exposition 2019 forum, in Auckland, New Zealand, Friday, July 12, 2019.

Pacific One Destination is very important as a holistic brand that reflects the essence of regional authenticity, representing the general values ​​that can be felt by travelers visiting the Pacific region.

“Promoting the ‘Pacific One Destination’ brand can be a solution in shaping the future of sustainable tourism in the Pacific region,” Arief Yahya said.

Menpar Arief hopes that the immediate follow-up of this forum, including building a strategy as a new breakthrough, will realize common goals in the tourism sector.

“Cooperation between Pacific countries will reflect constructive international cooperation in the region, which will help us achieve the goal of promoting the tourism industry,” said Minister of Tourism.

Arief explained, tourism knows no boundaries, so later it can also form a new opportunity called TTI (Tourism, Trade and Investment). Tourism is the entrance to attract trade and investment.

Source: INews

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