Bintuni Bay Industrial Estate Manager Aims at Investing 800 Million US Dollars

The development of a petrochemical industrial estate in Bintuni Bay Regency, West Papua, is expected to attract investment of Rp1.76 trillion for the construction of industrial estates and 800 million US dollars from the construction of a methanol plant with a capacity of 800 Kilo Tons (KTPA) for 20 years.

“Considering the development of the Bintuni Bay Industrial Zone has been going on for five years, now is the right time for the Bintuni Bay Industrial Zone to step up at the regional development stage,” said the Ministry of Industry’s Director General of Defense, Regional and International Industrial Access (KPAII) Doddy Rahadi through his statement in Jakarta on Sunday.

Doddy revealed, an industrial area has a strategic role to improve efficiency, as well as ease the provision of infrastructure.

The construction of the Bintuni Bay industrial area is expected to provide a multiplier effect with the influx of many investments and increased employment, especially in the workforce in the local district and province.

The area that is located in is also targeted to absorb up to 3,500 workers.

“With the Industrial Area of Bintuni expected public revenue will increase and will have an impact on improving the economic territory. Surely it would increase productivity for companies located in the industrial area so as to create added value is higher,” he said.

Doddy said that the Ministry of Industry has compiled master planor industrial development master plans in the Bintuni Bay Industrial Zone, including standards for controlling environmental impacts, so that an increase in the number of industries will not directly reduce the quality of the surrounding environment.

“All these strategic roles converge on the ultimate goal of realizing the spread and even distribution of industry throughout the Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

Ignatius Warsito, Director of the Industrial Zone of the Directorate General of the Ministry of Industry, Ignatius Warsito, added that in the master plan of the Bintuni Bay Industrial Estate that has been prepared, 200 hectares of land are needed for operations.

For this reason, the local government is expected to immediately seek land acquisition to initiate the development of this industry.

“At least 50 hectares first, so we can start the first phase of development as soon as possible. “The Bintuni Bay Regency Government has a strong commitment, so that in the near future 50 hectares of land needed in the first phase can be immediately released,” he said.

Bintuni Bay Regent Petrus Kasihiw said the Bintuni Bay Regency Government had made a long plan in order to prepare themselves to contribute to the acceleration program of the Bintuni Bay Industrial Zone.

“The regional and central government have signed an agreement to allocate 50 hectares of the first land needed from 200 more hectares which will become the core zone of the industrial estate. And, after this, there will still be meetings with indigenous people around the area that must be discussed properly,” he explained.

Source: Antara

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