The TNI Commander Checks the Readiness of the RI-PNG Border Guard

TNI (Military) Commander, Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto checks the readiness of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) Border Security Unit (Satgas Pamtas) -Papua New Guinea (PNG) from the 509th Raider Infantry Battalion unit / Balawara Yudha Kostrad in the Regency Jember, East Java, on Friday (07/12/2019) evening.

Hadi examined the troops’ readiness and logistics, as well as weapons of warriors who would guard the border from the threat of vandals and provide direction to the hundreds of soldiers who would serve in Keerom and Bintang Mountain Regencies bordering Papua New Guinea.

“The TNI is the front guard in safeguarding the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia, so that the quality of soldiers becomes a serious concern and I believe TNI soldiers can overcome any obstacles that will be faced in Papua later,” the TNI Commander said during a briefing in Yonif 509 Kostrad Jember.

According to him, the mission to safeguard the RI-PNG border area is not the only mission assigned to the Pamtas Task Force troops, but more important is how to win the hearts of the people there.

“The task of the Pamtas Task Force is not just to guard the border, but it must be a pioneer to overcome the difficulties of the people because the conditions of nature and society in Papua are certainly different from those on Java,” he said.

Before they were assigned, he said, many directives were given from the battalion command regarding what threats existed on the Papua border, so that the threat was expected to be anticipated.

“Natural conditions and communities on the border are certainly not the same on Java, so the soldiers were asked to be able to adapt to win the hearts of the people at the border,” he said.

According to him, checking the preparation of the RI-PNG Pamtas forces must be done because the terrain in Papua is hilly and swampy, so that what is faced by soldiers is not only security disturbance, but also other things, such as malaria and others.

“This visit is to see the readiness of TNI soldiers to be deployed in Papua, especially regarding equipment and supplies, and to provide additional equipment, especially to deal with problems outside of security disturbances, so that they depart safely and completely, go home safely and completely,” he said.

While the Commander of Raider Battalion 509 Lieutenant Colonel Inf. Wira Muharromah said that as many as 450 Yonaid Raider 509 soldiers would carry out the task of border security in August 2019 and the soldiers would be on duty for the next 9 months.

“They will replace the Pamekas Task Force of the 725 Infantry Battalion Woroagi which is guarding the northern sector covering the area of ​​Keerom Regency and Pegunungan Bintang Regency,” he said.

He said the visit of the TNI Commander in Jember was a very extraordinary support, which added to the enthusiasm of the 509th Battalion troops ahead of the departure of the Pamtas Task Force to Papua.

“The visit of the TNI Commander to Infantry Battalion 509 is an extraordinary support and encouragement of the Pamtas Task Force troops, as well as prayers from the community so that we can all return safely and completely,” he said.

Source: Antara

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