The Airline is Asked to Increase the Feasibility of the Aircraft in Manokwari

Airlines that serve flight routes in Manokwari, West Papua, are asked to increase the feasibility of their aircraft.

“We in Manokwari bought tickets at a price that is not cheap. So it must be comparable to the services received from the airline,” said West Papua DPR member, Xaverius Kameubun on Wednesday, addressing the damage experienced by Sriwijaya Air aircraft at Manokwari Airport.

He hopes that each airline prioritizes comfort and safety. The engine and all the physical conditions of the aircraft are in a proper condition.

Aircraft that have flying hours exceeding normal limits, continued Xaverius stressed, so as not to operate in the area. The people of Manokwari and guests visiting the area need decent service.

“Aircraft that have not been prioritized for long time to operate in the eastern region. If this seems like we get the remnants, while those that are still good are operated in the western region,” he said again.

The Indonesian Justice and Union Party politician also hopes that each airline will not create a gap in providing services.

“Included in the application of ticket prices, airlines and agents should not be as they wish without considering the economic conditions in the region. This will have a negative impact on the acceleration of development and economic growth,” he said.

“Do not let the impression arise from the guests who come that the ticket to Papua is too expensive and the condition of the aircraft is not good,” Kameubun said again describing his worries about the possible adverse effects related to flight services to the area.

He also hopes that the regional government, both provincial and district, will accelerate the extension of the airport runway. The community was asked to support this airport development program.

“The central government is quite ready. The budget is ready to be disbursed to extend the runway. The obstacles now in the region, land acquisition must be fast, of course, it must take a good approach to run smoothly,” he said again.

He believes, the development of the airport will encourage growth in other sectors in the provincial capital.

Source: Antara

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